Welcome to our website!

We are a group of passionate Lib Dems who want to support a just and equitable solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Chaired by Leon Duveen, we have a growing community on Facebook and are recognized by the Aussie Lib Dems as an Affiliated Special Interest Group (ASIG) of the Liberal Democrats Party.  We are looking to become an Associated Organisation of the Liberal Democrats here in the UK.

Our constitutional objectives include:

  • to promote a just and equitable peace solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that recognises the just demands of both people for a national homeland;
  • to help the Party understand the needs and fears of both sides to the conflict;
  • to promote and support “non-partisan” discussions, inside & outside of the Party, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how a just resolution can be found;
  • to promote a greater knowledge of and support for the work done by groups in both communities to further trust and reconciliation between them;
  • to promote and support the values and objects of the Party and in particular through its members;
  • to participate in the formulation of the policy of the Party;
  • to be recognised as an Associated Organization of the Party;
  • to play a full role in the democratic processes of the Party;
  • and to send representatives, in accordance with the constitutions of the bodies concerned, to Party bodies.